I came in for a complex tooth extraction. In the end an anti-climax. It was over so quickly and painlessly I almost felt let down…… almost! A wonderful service that reminded me why we are so lucky to live in the 21st century. Thank you to all

Definitely recommend this practise and I would go back for treatment without hesitation

Excellent service

I have to say that my dentist became my dentist quite by accident and I am so glad because they have restored my smile and my faith in dentists. I am a changed person because of my dentist.

My dentist is kind, patient and explains everything to you ensuring you are aware of what is happening at all times, and delivers great customer service.

If only more dentists were like my dentist, less people would be afraid of a visit to their dentist.

Restored my smile and my faith in dentists

My 8 month old son had his first few teeth coming through and i wanted to check that everything was okay. The dentist was very soothing and careful with my son. i would definitely recommend to other parents

Wonderful with children

I’m with Market Place for a long time. I can’t tell that I was extremely happy with my old dentist, but my dentist here is just amazing. When I came yesterday my teeth didn’t look good, but after visit they look just amazing (my husband said that like brand new). My dentist is so nice and so good at their job. Highly recommended!!
Thank you

Amazing dentist

I had to have a tooth out that another dentist attempt but failed to take out. Everything was clean, staff attentive and friendly and the dentist first class. The tooth came out easily enough. Aftercare was discussed and provided for.

Excellent experience